3rd Board of ATMOS

In the academic year 2022-2023 our 3rd board of ATMOS is serving. Our board members consists of Laura Kuntze (Chairwoman), Azucena Morales Vasquez (Treasurer), Elahe Nasiri (Secretary), Bilguun Bayarsaikhan (External Communication Manager).

Their mission for ATMOS is to represent the EngD trainees, connect trainees with each other, and introduce the Netherlands and the Dutch culture to the trainees.

Group picture from left-to-right : Bilguun, Laura, Azucena, Elahe

Chairwoman: Laura Kuntze

She represents the association. She is responsible for speaking on behalf of the association, leading the meetings with the board and external parties, and keeping an eye on the activities happening in the association. Laura is a EngD trainee in the program Data Science.

Secretary: Elahe Nasiri

She supports the chair in ensuring the smooth functioning of the association. She is responsible for taking the minutes during ATMOS meetings and making these available to all the members. She also manages the association’s file archive. Moreover, she assists the chair during meetings and represents ATMOS in EngD council meetings with the chairwoman. In case of absence of the chair, the secretary takes over chair’s responsibilities. Elahe is a EngD trainee in the program Data Science.

Treasurer: Azucena Morales Vasquez

She is responsible for the accountancy. To make it so that the money is spent in a responsible yet fun way. She is responsible for all activity budgets, to make sure they stay affordable. Azucena is a EngD trainee in the program Data Science.

External communication manager: Bilguun Bayarsaikhan

His main responsibility is to maintain the website of ATMOS and the social media channels. Currently, the website is under construction. The website is used to promote activities of ATMOS and to be a platform for EngD student to meet each other. Furthermore, events are also promoted through email to the EngD representatives of each program, who then distribute the email to all the EngD trainees of each program. Bilguun is a EngD trainee in the program Software Technology.

Other members

Starting in early 2023 we had 2 other board members Jose and Mahdi. However due to personal reasons they have left the association and Elahe joined.