Atmos KickOff Event – April 29th 2024

There was a KickOff event on 29th April, 2024. People from different departments and fields joined from both EngD and PhD group.

Christmas market – Dec 9th 2023

We visited Christmas market in Essen, Germany. Bus full of people spent the whole day eating good food, drinking mulled wine or hot chocolate and visiting Christmas stalls. Also some of us rode the Ferris wheel to enjoy the view 🙂

Glow dinner – Nov 14th 2023

We had authentic African experience at Asmara Eindhoven with buffet dinner, Ethiopian beer, baklava dessert and coffee. Thanks for everyone who came even it was raining. Especially those who walked with us with Glow walk. You rock 🤘

VR day + beer tasting – Oct 28th 2023

Spent our afternoon playing with multiple types of games at Enversed 🕶 and tasting different beers at Brouwerij het Veem. 🍻

EngD winner talk – Oct 3rd 2023

Our talk with EngD thesis winner was very interesting. Also it was presented beautifully. Thank you Nienke!

Volleyball day – Sep 2nd 2023

Thanks for everyone who competed last Saturday 🏐 We hope you also liked the korean fried chicken 🍗 from Soju Bar

Salsa night – July 14th 2023

Had a great night with Salsa dance. It was not easy but it was fun 💃

Laser battle – June 24th 2023

It was a fierce battle between 2 teams. First round was a team play and the second round we went for solo (no teams). Also we enjoyed some drinks & snacks afterwards too.

Research day after party – June 8th 2023

We had a lot of fun at PhD/EngD research day – after party. Drinks, foods, themed rooms and fun games… Also I hope everybody took a photo at our photobooth 🙂

Karaoke night at JADS – May 2023

Here’s a sneak peak of our karaoke night at Den Bosch. Everybody sang their hearts out ❤. Thanks for DSconnect for co-organizing

Monthly meeting at Space-S – April 2023

Thanks for everyone who joined last friday! So much fun 🥳🤗🤪. For those who couldn’t make it good luck next time

Escape game – March 2023

Our Escape game was super fun last weekend. Here’s some photos. We’d like to see you on the next one too!

Kick-off event – February 2023

Here are some photos of our first event (2023 kick-off). Thanks for everyone who made it.

Christmas Pub Quiz – December 2021

Christmas time is a time to spend with family and friends. So why not have a nice pub quiz with family. friends and your fellow PDEng! As our last event of the year, we are back to being online, but with lots of fun questions and team pictures.

GLOW Dinner & Walk – November 2021

The days are getting shorter and colder. In Eindhoven this means its time to bright up the sky with the GLOW event! Good food, good company, and lots of beautiful lights to see in the city. For all images click here.

Summer BBQ – August 2021

What does summer tell you? The beach, the sun, the ice cream… For us it is BBQ! With most restrictions lifted we were finally able to enjoy meeting each other in person. On a nice (cold) summer day, we had our BBQ. Good food, good drinks, and good company! For all images click here.

Pitch & Pizza – June 2021

In June we had our Pitch & Pizza event! The COVID-19 restrictions still did not allow us to be physically at the event, but we enjoyed the pitches nonetheless from behind our screens. The event was organized together with the TU/e Innovation Space, who also presented their epic projects. And to top it off, we ate some delicious pizza!!

Beer tasting – April 2021

In April we had our beer tasting event. This wasn’t any ordinary beer tasting, rather it was an online beer tasting. We received four beers from the Stadsbrouwerij in Eindhoven: weizen, blond, tripple and an imperial stout. Together we had a great time!